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Cul de Sac Wine Bar

cul de sac romeCul de Sac Wine Bar

Judging by the lineup of customers it’s pretty clear that this place is really popular in Rome both among locals and tourists.
Cul the Sac is first of all a wine bar with an impressive selection of wines from all Italian regions. If you are a wine lover then you’ll appreciate this place as well.
The restaurant offers a wide variety of very good and fresh dishes from appetizers, pasta, cured meats and cheese. The atmosphere is cozy and informal and the staff is really careful and nice and can help you choosing the right wine for your meal.

The location contributes to the great success of the Cul de Sac. Piazza Pasquino is a quite and relaxing spot right behind piazza Navona. Nevertheless the price are absolutely reasonable.
Cul de Sac is also a really great choice if you are a little bit in a hurry and you don’t want to sit at a table for a long time.
For a quick lunch or dinner we advise you to order a glass of wine and one of the main combination of assortment of cured meats and cheese you’ll find in their menu!

You can find more information about Cul De Sac Wine Bar on their website: http://www.enotecaculdesacroma.it/en/

Enjoy it!


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