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Caffetteria-Bistrot Chisotro del Bramante

chiostro bramanteCaffeteria in the Chiostro del Bramante: lunch, quick lunch and tea/snack near the Navona Square

Address: Via Arco della Pace
Telephone number: 06 6880 9036
Closed on Mondays


What a special place, a hidden spot perfect for a break while visiting the city center! This cafeteria is inside the cloister designed by Bramante (rival of Michelangelo) in the beginning of 1500, part of the church santa maria della pace (saint mary of peace) walking distance from navona square. Even if once in front of the entrance you will feel like you have to pay a ticket to visit the exibit, that's wrong: you can enter the cafeteria with no ticket.
I've never had lunch there so I don't know how it is, I prefer going there as a meditation area: the elegant cups in which tea is served together with the charm of the cloister always make me feel in a parallel world.
When I'm tired and I need to charge my batteries, that's where I go... It's always a unique experience!


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