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The Carnival of Navona Square

Navona Square is by far one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Throughout the centuries, it has been the backdrop of many events and still today, the district surrounding this elegant square, with its narrow streets and old and characteristic little houses, completely plunges us in a magic and unique atmosphere, throwing us back in time.

Among the many events that were hold in Navona Square over the centuries, how could we not mention the famous Roman Carnival!

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What to do on Halloween in Rome

If you happen to be in Rome on Saturday 31st, and you are wondering what to do on Halloween in Rome, you may need this list of activities to enjoy the scariest day of the year!  

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New partnership between MU and the Capitoline Museums in Rome

pilotproject mu and capitolinemuseumsNew partnership between MU and the Capitoline Museums in Rome

A few days ago the New York Times reported the launch of a pilot project between the University of Missouri and the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

The museums have lent 249 artifacts of black-based pottery to the University. Students at Midwestern University will have the chance to study and classify these artifacts.

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Augustus' House unveil its secrets for the first time

augustushouse palatine hill

After two years of restoration (and 2.5 million euros spent) the rooms of the Emperor Augustus and his third beloved wife Livia open again to the public.

Red frescoes, statues and colors are the main elements we will find inside this beautiful site.
The re-opening also marked the 2,000 anniversary of Augustus death.

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Restoration of the Trevi Fountain

trevi funtain restorationRestoration of the Trevi Fountain

Following the initiative of Tod’s entrepreneur Diego Della Valle and jeweler Bulgari who funded respectively the restoration of the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps, the famous Italian fashion house Fendi donated 2.12 million euros to restore the Trevi Fountain. This represents just the first of a series of projects intended to restore the historic fountains of Rome!

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bestpiceditionfortravelers"BEST PICS" - EDITION 2014

Hello everyone! We are very happy to announce that we’ve just launched a new section of our website! Take a look at “BEST PICS”!

Every month we are going to publish a selection of the best four pictures taken in Rome or in other Italian Cities! The pictures will be published on Facebook, on our website of course, and in our monthly newsletter!*

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A Layered City with Rome is Easy, by Bavaria

IMG 0671"A Layered City with Rome is Easy", by Bavaria

A big thank you goes to Emma and her family who were our guests on a tour around Rome last March 2014!
Other than being a beautiful person, Emma is a really talented writer and also a well-known blogger.

Using her own words “Emma has always loved travelling, and likes to explore each new country they live in, as well as the surroundings areas”.

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Pedestrian Rome

Fori pedonaliPedestrian Rome

The Mayor of Rome announced: “In the future Rome will host the biggest archeological park in the world”.

Imagine you can follow the steps of the Roman Emperors walking through the streets of the ancient Roman Empire brought back to light! Imagine to be able to feel for one day the same atmosphere that characterized Rome when back in the centuries was the center of the entire globe and there were no cars, no traffic, no air pollution or noise. This is no more a dream, but an actual reality that is expected to happen in the next future …

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Rome’s New Colosseum

2Rome’s New Colosseum

The city of Rome is about to see realized its second Colosseum! This is how the new stadium of the city will probably look like - a Colosseum of the future -, while an online survey has been launched to ask the fans for how the stadium should be named.

According to the project presented by James Pallotta, the president of the football team As Roma, the facility will seat from 52.500 ranging to 60.000 spectators and will be completely eco-friendly. This ambitious project will be entirely funded by the private sector and probably be sponsored by some of the most important international brands, such as Nike and Disney.

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The Queen of the catacombs finds a new sparkle

catacombspriscillaThe Queen of the catacombs finds a new sparkle

After 5 years of restoration and archeological digs, The Catacombs of Priscilla find a new sparkle with unveiled findings. This is great news not just for researchers, but also for whoever desires to discover the subterranean marvels of Rome and their astonishing charm.

Located on Via Salaria road, the Catacomb of Priscilla is one of the most ancient subterranean cemetery in Rome. Burials in the catacomb date back to the 2nd century A.D. and, thanks to the numerous inscriptions that had been found, researchers managed to go back to its founder, Priscilla, a noblewomen who lived during the 2nd century and a benefactor of the Christian community in Rome.

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Unexpected subterranean marvels in Rome

CAVAUnexpected subterranean marvels in Rome

Once you think that almost every relevant archeological discovery has already been made, the city of Rome continues to surprise its citizens and the rest of world, revealing completely unexpected subterranean marvels.

At the end of November 2013, speleologists from the non-profit organization Roma Sotterranea went down for about 80 feet (25 meters) in the bowels of the earth, just underneath Monteverde neighborhood.

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