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Rome’s New Colosseum

2Rome’s New Colosseum

The city of Rome is about to see realized its second Colosseum! This is how the new stadium of the city will probably look like - a Colosseum of the future -, while an online survey has been launched to ask the fans for how the stadium should be named.

According to the project presented by James Pallotta, the president of the football team As Roma, the facility will seat from 52.500 ranging to 60.000 spectators and will be completely eco-friendly. This ambitious project will be entirely funded by the private sector and probably be sponsored by some of the most important international brands, such as Nike and Disney.

Allegedly the new stadium will be ready in 2017/ 2018. Building costs for the stadium are estimated at 300 million euros, nearly 414m$, but the overall price might reach billions.

The stadium has been designed by the American architect Dan Meis, who has already a long experience in designing stadiums and arenas in the United States and Japan.

President James Pallotta really thinks that the new stadium is going “to give us a competitive advantage”. Luckily the project can count on the strong support of the Mayor Ignazio Marino, that stayed next to Pallotta during the project presentation at the City Hall.

From the outside the stadium will look like the Flavius Amphitheater, thanks to a “floating structure”, with the aim to combine ancient and modern. “It’s impossible designing a building here without considering the architectural history of Rome” Meis reported, adding that “ the stadium will have an outer wall that will be a new vision of the Colosseum”.

Free Wi-fi connection will be available inside the stadium and in the outside area nearby, a sort of “Disney village” dedicated to kids, full of themed restaurants and attractions, and a Nike mega store.

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