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The Mayor of Rome announced: “In the future Rome will host the biggest archeological park in the world”.

Imagine you can follow the steps of the Roman Emperors walking through the streets of the ancient Roman Empire brought back to light! Imagine to be able to feel for one day the same atmosphere that characterized Rome when back in the centuries was the center of the entire globe and there were no cars, no traffic, no air pollution or noise. This is no more a dream, but an actual reality that is expected to happen in the next future …

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Ignazio Marino, Mayor of Rome, stated that eventually Via dei Fori Imperiali, the street that now crosses the archeological site, will completely disappear. In his vision the street will be replaced by a huge area linking the Trajan's Forum to the Imperial Fora.

People living in Rome and all those that have come to Rome and visited the archeological site before can easily understand the revolutionary impact of this decision that is going to change completely the future urban plan of the center of Rome.

This new announcement follows the decision made on August 5th 2013 to ban all the private vehicles from crossing the street, while pedestrians, bicycles, taxis, buses and emergency vehicles are the only traffic allowed.

In the Mayor's plan the progressive pedestrianization of the city center represents only the first step of a bigger project according to which the area will become 100% pedestrian within a few years. Mr. Marino went even further revealing that the new Roman left-wing administration is establishing a new office in Bruxelles to raise the necessary funds to start new digs in the site. These archeological works will bring to light the most ancient fora under the big road that connects the Colosseum to Piazza Venezia. Therefore the traffic will be slashed, the pollution reduced, significantly preventing the surrounding historical buildings to be further damaged by vibrations.

Rome is easy staff is really excited about the new Roman administration's decision and it's eager to guide you into the future archeological park downtown Rome. And you? What do you think about this decision?
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