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Roman Civilization Museum

fontane eur2Out of the beaten paths and away from the crowds, this museum is a nice experience for your children to understand the intricate history of Rome.

This is not a standard museum where original masterpieces are on display, but a place where history is explained step by step.

Your children will visualize the evolution of the city since its foundation (7th century b.C.) to the beginning of its decline (4th century A.D.) through beautiful reconstructions... 

Sometimes a fragment of an ancient statue seen through the children eyes is just something broken, that's why this museum will show them the ancient things "fixed" making everything more simple and more real.

The all family will be impressed by the huge reconstruction of Rome at the time of the Emperor Constantine (4th century A.D.).

Close by to the museum there's the lovely EUR lake with a small park: the perfect prize for your children!!!


Piazza G. Agnelli, 10 - EUR district
Open everyday from 9am to 2pm (ticket office closes 1 hour before)
Closed on Mondays
Tickets: 8,50 euros for adults - 6,50 euros for children



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