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GNAM - National Gallery of Modern Art

gnamIf you already been in Rome and you want a suggestion for something different to visit the National Gallery of Modern Art is one of the most interesting museums in the city, unfortunately not enough famous!
There are about 1100 pieces displayed in its 55 rooms. It is the only national museums dedicated to modern art. Although there are other modern art exhibit in many Italian cities, they all are civic museums.

It is very close to the Borghese gardens and it is one of the symbols of the Unification of Italy: it was created as an overview of artworks from all the different Italian regions that had just been unified.
In 1941 the director, Palma Bucarelli, a 29 year old art historian, started to invest in the new artistic styles adding new artworks from the most famous events such as the Biennale of Venice or the Quadriennale of Rome.
As opened, the mission of the museum was achieved: in a wonderful and monumental palace you will have the chance to admire the most representative art styles in Italy and also many famous international artists... a perfect mix of art representing past and future of our new Nation!


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