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Villa Giulia and the Etruscan National Museum

VILLAGIULIAVilla Giulia and the Etruscan National Museum

Located in the Parioli neighborhood, Villa Giulia was built in 1551-1553 by Pope Julius III, a humanist and arts lover and connoisseur.

The suburban villa was meant to be and idyllic place, a magic getaway between two different worlds - the city and the countryside - since its original location was outside the city walls.

The architect Bartolomeo Ammanti designed the nympheaum and the garden structures, under the supervision of Giorgio Vasari.

Once passing the sober facade of the villa, the visitor is suddenly immersed in a beautiful garden that leads to the central fountain - La Fontana dell’Acqua Vergine - that depicts river gods and caryatids.

Today Villa Giulia is the entrance for the Etruscan National Museum, founded in 1889 with the aim of collect antiquities from the pre- Roman and Etruscan civilizations.

Among its innumerable treasures, it is possible to admire the The Sarcophagus of the Spouses from the late 6th Century B.C. and other precious findings turned up in the necropolis of Cerveteri.

Must see!

Give a look at our photographic gallery of Villa Giulia.

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