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Colosseum night-opening – La Luna sul Colosseo 2013

LA-LUNA-SUL-COLOSSEOColosseum night-opening – La Luna sul Colosseo 2013

Travel lovers, archeology passionates and hopeless romantics, there is a special event you can't miss!
Until November 2nd 2013 it will still be possible to take part to the Moon above the Colosseum Event.
Striking color effects will light up the Colosseum, leaving the lucky spectators astonished and surrounded by a magical atmosphere.

During these special nigh-openings you will walk through the tunnels, the basement and the cavea of the amphitheater and get a unique view of this incredible monument.


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Brueghel - Chiostro del Bramante

brueghelThe facinating world of Flemish art!

From December 12th 2012 to June the 3rd 2013


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Canova in Palazzo Braschi

canovaThe Neoclassicism at the end of 1700's!

 From December 5th 2012 to April 14th 2013


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