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Canova in Palazzo Braschi

canovaThe Neoclassicism at the end of 1700's!

 From December 5th 2012 to April 14th 2013


 A few days ago I went to Balazzo Braschi near Navona Square to see the exhibit of Canova, a neoclassic artist who live at the end of the 1700's and died in 1822 in Venice.

I loved this little exhibit organized in a not crowded museum, I was almost alone, it is so beautiful because you can really enjoy art and not only looking at the artwork, but also having a look at the location

Palazzo Braschi is a wonderful palace that was owned by an aristocratic family of Rome so decoration and furniture are really fancy.

Canova's exhibit was organized to show the drawings and the little model he did before he carved the sculptures and what a surprise: while the sculptures transmit feeling of calm quite and hero pose the model and the preparatory drawings are full of emotions and movement...the opposite! It means that Canova worked very hard to take under control feelings and give us the idea that his characters are like eternal heros.
I sow the preparatory drawings of the famous Paolina, Napoleon's sister, that is on display in the Borghese Gallery, a masterpiece you can't miss when you are in Rome.
I really enjoy it.

Palazzo Braschi: Piazza di San Pantaleo, 10 - Closed on Mondays

Entrance tickets: 13,50 Euros per person - museum included in the Roma pass sites


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