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Vegetarian Italian Recipes: Ancient Roman Cuisine

Ancient Romans used to eat three meals a day. The jentaculum, was basically Ancient Romans' breakfast, mainly based on bread, cheese, milk, fruit and honey.

The lunch, called prandium, was a quick meal, made of fish, bread, fruit, legumes, and wine.
Dinner was the main meal of the day. During the coena, Ancient Romans used to eat on the triclinaria. The most important ingredient of their cuisine was the garum, a kind of brine, that probably replaced salt and that was very expensive.

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Italian chicken recipes: pollo alla cacciatora

In this post we are going to show you how to prepare one of the most delicious Italian chicken recipes, typical of the Emilia-Romagna region’s culinary tradition.

The Italian name of the recipe is “Pollo alla Cacciatora”. The word "pollo" means "chicken" in Italian. “Cacciatore” is the Italian word for hunter, probably coming from the use of herbs, such as rosemary and garlic, which were used by hunters to cook the prey.

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Fancy Italian Dishes – Swordfish alla Siciliana and Raw Artichoke Salad

fancy italian dishes romeiseasyWith this recipe we are going to show you how to prepare two fancy Italian dishes, the Swordfish alla Siciliana, sided by a tasty salad of raw artichokes.
Both these recipes will be perfect for a fancy dinner or to be served during a special evening or occasion. You will stun your guests by showing them two typical Italian dishes that are very simple to prepare and rich of heathy and tasty ingredients.

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Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

ROMEISEASY EASY CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE BLOGToday we would like to share an easy chocolate cake recipe to prepare an Italian traditional dessert, the Caprese Cake, invented on the beautiful Island of Capri around 1920 - 1930, with chocolate and almonds, crispy outside and soft and fluffy inside.

Perhaps this cake was baked for the first time by the chef Carmine Fiore. According to legend, the cake was invented by mistake: the flour was forgotten and replaced by cocoa powder.

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Frappe and Carnival in Rome!

frappeIf you are in Rome on February don't miss all the funny celebrations for the famous Roman Carnival.

Since from the Renaissence it became the most awaited event of the year and still today people from everywhere come to enjoy it. We love to share with our guest this ancient roman tradition: if you come in the next two weeks we will walk trough the playful squares full of happy masks and eat together the delicious fried flat stripes kown as Frappe!

This dessert, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar, is commonly eatan in Rome in the period just before Lent, during Carnival.

Here you can find an easy and fast recipe: try to make it by your self before taste it in Rome!!!

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A simple tiramisu recipe

recipe italian dessert

Today we would like to talk about Tiramisu, one of the most famous and appreciated Italian dessert, and we are going to show you a fast and simple recipe to prepare it.

Tiramisu originated in northern Italy during the 17th century. There are several legends linked to this dessert. One tells that some pastry chefs in the city of Siena wanted to invent a new dessert in honor of Cosimo de Medici, the Great Duke of Tuscany, to celebrate his greatness.

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Delicious Italian Pasta Recipes

spaghetti garlic oil chili pepperDelicious Italian Pasta Recipes

Today we would like to introduce you to some of the most appreciated and loved Italian pasta recipes originated from the Lazio regional culinary tradition!
All this pasta dishes and recipes are really easy to make and do not need long preparations!
With this simple and tasty dishes you will amaze your guests and your family!
Enjoy it!

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Chocolate Salami

salamecioccolatoChocolate Salami

Chocolate salami is one of the most loved dessert from the Italian tradition. This simple and quick recipe makes of chocolate salami the perfect dessert for every celebration and we can assure you that after the first bite you won’t stop eating it.

As always happens in Italy, there are many variations of the theme, according to regional culinary customs.

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A Roman after taste recipe

dolcettoA Roman after taste recipe

Whether you want a rich and healthy pie to sweeten your day or to surprise your friends and family, this recipe is just right for you!
The Ricotta and chocolate drop tart is a typical dessert from the Roman tradition. You won't find any restaurants in Rome that don't offer this deliciousness to its guests.

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Bucatini Amatriciana

bucatini-amatricianaThere is no doubt that this is an essential dish in the italian cooking. The name comes from the city of Amatrice (located 130 km west of Rome).

It was actually the shepherds who made the recipe known in the capital, due to their seasonal movements of cattle (transhumance) towards the Roman countryside.

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bruschettaBruschetta is a traditional Italian dish: it is fresh, simple and delicious.

If you want to prepare a simple bruschetta you will need: Italian bread, olive oil, sea salt and garlic.

First of all, bread needs to be toasted, then rub it down with a clove of raw unskinned garlic, drizzle with olive oil and finally add a sprinkle of sea salt.


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