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The Eye of Sixtus Bridge

Ponte Sisto RomeThe Eye of Sixtus Bridge

In 1475 Rome was celebrating the Jubilee. Every 25 years Rome was assaulted by thousands of pilgrims from all over Europe. They were invited by the Vatican to take part to special celebrations to get the plenary indulgence and so being forgiven of their own sins. Therefore, every 25 years, important infrastructures were built or restored to welcome flows of visitors.

In 1475 the Pope was Sixtus IV, famous for the construction of the world-known Sistine Chapel named after himself and painted few years later under the Pope Julius II - his nephew - by Michelangelo.

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The Temple of Saturn: the most ancient location for the best day in Rome

IMG-20130903-WA0001 The Temple of Saturn: the most ancient location for the best day in Rome

The Temple of Saturn - located in the Roman Forum - was the repository for the State treasury, known as the Aerarium Populi Romani (fromaes, bronze).
According to Roman mythology, Saturn was associated with agriculture and was thought to be the original source of Rome's wealth.
Indeed, Saturn was most worshipped god during the Golden Age, when human beings effortlessly prospered and benefited from the spontaneous bounty of the earth and lived in a state of social egalitarianism. For all these reasons the god continued to be associated with wealth and prosperity.

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Soccer Fever!

300px-Stadio Olimpico in RomeThe Olympic stadium....

We remind you that for those who want to truly feel the colourful Roman atmosphere, you can enjoy the soccer "fever" in the Olimpic Stadium. We would love to share with you this unique experience if you want...

You can enjoy a soccer game between the two soccer teams in the capital : Roma and Lazio. It is better to purchase tickets in advance at a tobacconist shop or another certified vendor displaying the Lottomatica symbol. Don't go to the Stadium without having first bought a ticket!

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Happy birthday Rome!

Happy birthday ROME on April 21stlupa

April the 21st is a special day for our city: according to the legend the mythical foundation of the
city by Romulus the first king was that day in 753 BC. The legend was written many centuries ago
by Varrone, a Roman writer who lived in the II century AD.

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Carnival in Rome: i moccoli - the candles

moccoloHow did we use to celebrate Carnival in the city of Rome? In a crazy funny way! 

It was a day dedicated to parties, theater shows, treat, the day in which  people forgot the rigid stratification of the society. Everybody was at the same level, rich and poor with one common goal: the one of having fun. 

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