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Happy birthday Rome!

Happy birthday ROME on April 21stlupa

April the 21st is a special day for our city: according to the legend the mythical foundation of the
city by Romulus the first king was that day in 753 BC. The legend was written many centuries ago
by Varrone, a Roman writer who lived in the II century AD.

But how could they know that the date was exact? They had different calendar back then.
Well...the answer is pretty easy, it was thanks to the astrologist Lucio Taruzio, a scientist. Science,
if we can call it science, was really important at the time, mix with a little bit of superstition and the
will of Jupiter of course.

The foundation of Rome has been describe also by Tito Livio in his bestseller Ab urbe Condita that
is translated in English Since Rome was founded. For a long time the Romans counted the years
since this important sacred day (eg the year 10 AD back then was 257 auc "ab urbe condita", so
257 years after the foundation of Rome).

After centuries and centuries we still celebrate the Rome's birthday and in the city centre we
organize parties, parades of gladiator and cultural event. You're invited to join it!


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