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5 things you must do in Rome


Rome is certainly one of the the most charming city in the world, as well as one of the most visited. However, behind its spectacular and monumental attractions such as the Colosseum, the Imperial Forum and the Trevi fountain, there are the hidden spots and places where locals love to go and spend their time.

We summed up in this articlethe 5 things you must do in Rome if you like to discover this city beyond the surface.

  1. Explore the vintage shops and venues in the Rione Monti and stop in one of the many bars and restaurant to try a typical Italian aperitif.
  2. We advise foodies to try the typical Roman fried cod fillets in Piazza Santa Barbara, near Campo de' Fiori. You will recognize the place from the long line of people waiting to try the most delicious fried cod fillet you could ever taste in Rome.
  3. Coffee break near Navona Square at Bar del Fico. This is certainly one of the most attended bars in Rome both by tourists and locals. The small tables outside the venue are located in a unique spot in Rome surrounded by plants and trees.
  4. Engage yourself in the archeological walk trough the suggestive viale delle Terme di Caracalla.
  5. Lay down under a tree in the beautiful Villa Borghese tasting a typical Italian gelato. The villa offers many things to see and to do and often Roman people spend their weekend there to enjoy some fresh air and outdoor activities.


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