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Jewish Ghetto in Rome

walking tour the Jewish Ghetto Rome romeiseasyIn this article we talk about the Jewish Ghetto in Rome, one of the most charming and picturesque areas in the Eternal City, that is really worth a walking tour, especially if you are traveling to Rome for your second time or you are staying for few days.

It's commonly known that Rome is one of the cities with the greatest number of ancient monuments in the world. Many of these monuments have a Jewish origin: indeed, the jewish community have lived in Rome for a century before Christ, thus leaving traces of its culture in almost every quarter of the city.

Today you can feel the presence of the Jewish culture especially in the area of the Ghetto: in 1555 the Pope Paolo IV forced the jewish communities to this small portion of land, enclosed among the Tiber Island and the Portico di Ottavia.

Nowadays the Jewish Ghetto undoubtably constitutes one of the most charming and picturesque quarter in the city, with its beautiful ruins, the Synagogue, its food traditions and small shops.

In this quarter full of history its hidden a small gem: the Jewish Museum of Rome, located within the monumental complex of the Major Temple, it opened in 1960 to preserve the evidences of the Jewish Community in Rome. Among the several artworks within it, you'll find silver manufactures, precious fabrics and ancient scrolls that tell the thousand-year long history of the Roman Jewish.

Walking through its narrow street from the Middle Age, your attention will immediately be captured by the monumental Synagogue, located just in front of the Tiber Island, and by the ancient roman and medieval ruins of the Porticus Octavie.

Among the beautiful spots you'll find walking around the Jewish Ghetto in Rome, there's Piazza Mattei, with the famous Fountain of the Turtles, that have been recently restored. Take your time to stop at this charming square, admire the buildings and listen to the water flowing throughout the fountain.

The Jewish Ghetto it's everything but a miserable area: indeed this lively quarter is kept alive also by the jewish food traditions and the several good restaurants you'll see around. Don't miss the chance to eat in one of this koshers and try some pastries in one of the best bakery in the city.

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