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Domus Romane Palazzo Valentini

Palazzo valentiniAn unforgettable experience is waiting for you!
Thanks to the multimedia combination of ruins and technology you will jump in the past and discover the ancient Rome trough the Roman houses.
Get carried away in history by tales and explanations through a guided tour under Palazzo Valentini. There – walking on glass floors - you will admire the ruins of Roman Domus.

Ancient Roman houses virtual reconstructions, lights, sounds and explanations will make your trip in the past come truth. What are you waiting to undertake this unique voyage? If you love the ancient Rome history, or if you are an explorer, you really can't miss the opportunity to sightsee the place where the Roman houses come alive...
Remember: advance booking is needed since there are only 2 English tours per day (15 people each).
For more information and reservation please visit the following link: www.palazzovalentini.it

Address: Palazzo Valentini. Via IV Novembre 119/a
Telephone number: +39 0632810
Opening: Every day from 9.30am to 5.30pm. Closed on Tuesday.
Link: www.palazzovalentini.it


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