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A Little London in the heart of the Flaminio Quarter

roma streetA Little London in the heart of the Flaminio Quarter

Rome continues to surprise us all and is alway revealing us something new, like a Little London just in the heart of the city center!
This was one of the most amazing urban experiment attempted in the early 1900, when the city planner and the Mayor of Rome at the time were trying to turn Rome into modern and dynamic European metropolis.

In the city quarter of Flaminio, there’s a small private street named Via Bernardi Celentano that connects Via Flamina to Via del Vignola. Local people call it Little London!
Two big gates prevent the cars from driving in, but you can walk down the street easily and take a close look at the buildings, their little stone stairs in front of every door, the dark fences with golden ends, the typical British mailbox and private gardens!
Every single detail is designed in an elegant and nice Libertine style. You might not be sure if you’r still in Rome or in Baker Street! 

This Little London is one of the most interesting attempts made in 1909 by the city master plan aiming at making Rome a true inspiring European metropolis. The work was done by the Architect Quadro Pirani that with his Little London tested if the new idea of Rome as a modern metropolis could fit also a new form of urbanism.

If you are planning to come to Rome, it’s certainly a nice place to visit!


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