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Discovering Rome: Tour of Ancient Rome with Nicole

We left the Colosseum with Nicole and walked to the entrance of the Roman Forums, where we started our tour of the Ancient Rome.
In just a few minutes we were in the heart of the Ancient Rome, the political and business center of the Eternal City.


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Discovering Rome: Colosseum Tour with Nicole

This time Nicole suggested we joined her on a tour of the Colosseum. I have to admit I had seen the Flavian Amphitheater - as the Colosseum was originally known – many times before. But this time I looked at it with different eyes.

The Colosseum stands right there, in the historical center of Rome, so incredibly huge and wonderful it's impossible not to notice it.

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Rome Excursions Part I: Ostia Antica Tour

Among the several number of possible excursions from Rome, we advise you not to miss the site of Ostia Antica.
In this post you’ll have a first glimpse at the amazing remains we encountered during our exploration of the archeological area of Ostia Antica accompanied by our expert and entertaining guide, Nicole.

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Italian phrases for travel

italian phrases for travel rome is easyWhile your planning your travel to Italy take some time to learn key Italian phrases and words, including some of the most commonly–used Italian terms.

Let's start from the basic greetings and idiomatic expressions:

“Good morning” is translated with buon giorno: this is the formal expression Italians use with people they jut met or with elderly people in sign of respect.
A more familiar expression to say “good morning” is ciao: this can be used both to say “hi” when we meet someone, or when we are leaving.
“Good evening” is translated with buona sera; again, you can replace this expression with ciao when you know the people you are talking to.

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Vatican City Tours

vatican city toursThe Vatican city is certainly one of the most interesting and beautiful sites to visit for travelers coming to Rome. We, at Rome is Easy, offer our guests the possibility to experience two different kind of Vatican city tours.


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Places to see in Rome


places to see in rome romeiseasyOur team of expert local tour guides made a selection of the top 5 places to see in Rome, including Roman antiquities, museums, restaurants and bars.You'll love this itinerary that can be followed if you are planning to come to Rome and stay for 2 or 3 days.


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Rome 3 day itinerary

rome 3 day itinerary by romeiseasyEnjoy a magical city break to Rome with a 3 day itinerary conceived by our team of expert local tour guides. You’ll just need a map and a pair of comfortable shoes.

Are you ready to start?

Day 1.
Start your itinerary to discover the city of Rome from the stunning Piazza del Popolo (underground stop: Flaminio A line or Red line) and admire the entrance from the ancient Porta Flaminia just as the ancient travelers used to do.

Embark in a pleasant walk along via del Babbuino and reach the famous Spanish Steps. Take a picture on the stairs and admire the Roman daily routine and life.

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Winter in Rome: What to see and do!

winter in romeWith just a few tourists around, winter is certainly the right season if you want to have Rome all for yourself and really enter into the life of the city.

In December Rome is more beautiful than ever! Enjoy its vibrant atmosphere during Christmas time and spend some time shopping in the small shops and craft studios for decorations and unique items or in some of the many Italian boutiques.

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Rome with Kids: a journey through the Ancient Rome

rome with kidsRome with Kids: a journey through the Ancient Rome

Travelers that are planning to visit Rome often ask us which tour is the best one for their kids. Parents are reasonably concerned with their kids having fun and wonder how they will react to a three hour long tour around the city.
Our answer is quite almost the same: if your are traveling to Rome with kids the Colosseum and Ancient Rome Private Tour is certainly the most suitable one.

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Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese CavazzaVilla Borghese

A big green heart. This is how Villa Borghese - the most famous garden in Rome - looks like on a city map of Rome. Although just at the third place by extension after Villa Pamphili and Villa Ada, Villa Borghese is for sure the most loved and lively garden in Rome.

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Summer nights on Tiber Island

DSC03991Summer nights on Tiber Island

Tiber Island has always been surrounded by mystery and legend. The island is a little bit longer than 300 meters and large nearly 90 meters, connected to the Tiber banks by two bridges: the Cestio bridge from the west and the Fabricio bridge from the east.
Tiber Island is boat-shaped and its peculiar form spread the legend that the island rises today in place of a submerged vessel.

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