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Winter in Rome: What to see and do!

winter in romeWith just a few tourists around, winter is certainly the right season if you want to have Rome all for yourself and really enter into the life of the city.

In December Rome is more beautiful than ever! Enjoy its vibrant atmosphere during Christmas time and spend some time shopping in the small shops and craft studios for decorations and unique items or in some of the many Italian boutiques.

Walking around some of the most amazing spots in Rome, you can find and admire Christmas trees and nativity scenes until the end of January:

Where to admire christmas trees:

  • Saint Peter’s Square;
  • Piazza Venezia;
  • The Colosseum area.

Stunning nativity scenes awaits you in:

  • Saint Peter’s Square;
  • Navona Square;
  • Exibihit “100 Presepi” in the Sala del Bramante in Piazza del Popolo;

Both the Jewish district and the neighbor of Trastevere have a lot to offer to foodies. Stop in one of the many restaurants or typical Roman trattorie and ask for the dish of the day. Most of the restaurants offers char-grilled specialities, ranging from meats to vegetables, in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

If after a long walk you feel like warming up yourself a little, just go at Cioccolata e Vino in Trastevere and have a hot chocolate. This nice little venue with some books resembles a small library. You can choose among a selection of very nice wines and fiery liqueurs. Don’t forget to top your hot chocolate with wiped cream (Italian Panna).


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