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Discovering Rome: Tour of Ancient Rome with Nicole

We left the Colosseum with Nicole and walked to the entrance of the Roman Forums, where we started our tour of the Ancient Rome.
In just a few minutes we were in the heart of the Ancient Rome, the political and business center of the Eternal City.


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Nicole gathered us at the beginning of the main street, the Via Sacra, and told us that the Forum was the result of a natural evolution of buildings over a long period of time.
Some of the surviving structures include the Arch of Septimus Severus, the Senate House, originally known as Curia, the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Temple of Antonius and Faustina, and the Temple of Romulus.

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The Roma Forums extend from the Palatine to the Capitoline Hill, and soon became a natural gathering point for the ancient Romans, who came here to listen to oratories, to celebrate military victories, and to engage in religious rites.

The Forum was initially a market-place in Rome, and then naturally became also a business and a political center.
Walking through the ruins we focused our attention on the remains of the Temple of Saturn and the Temple of Vesta.
The current ruins of the Temple of Saturn date back from 42 BC, when it was reconstructed by Munatius Plancus. In Roman Mythology, Saturn ruled the Golden Age and was associated with wealth. His temple, which is located in the western end of the Roman Forums, housed the aerarium, the Republic's treasury.

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By using images and reconstructions, Nicole showed us how the Roman Forums looked like. The Temple Vesta must have been magnificent since it was built in marble and held the sacred flame of Vesta.

The Roman Forums were also the place where Julius Caesar was murdered on the Ides (15th) of March 44 BC. During his public funeral in the Forum, the crowd - inflamed by Mark Antony - unexpectedly cremated Caesar's body. On the same spot - in 42 BC – the triumvirs authorized the building of a temple dedicate to Caesar.

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Our tour of the Ancient Rome started at the Colosseum and ended in the Roman Forums.
Nicole helped us look at this ruins with different eyes and reminded us that are the lives and the stories of the people who lived to make any place special, and the Ancient Rome makes no exception.

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If you missed the first part of our tour with Nicole through the Ancient Rome, click here and discover with us the Colosseum.


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