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Public transportation in Rome

public transportationThe public transport system of the underground, trams and buses gets you to the major tourist sites and attractions quicker than on foot.

Rome public buses runfrom 5.30am to midnight. Night buses operate from 00:10-05:30.
Met.Ro (Metro Roma) is the Rome metro service with Line A (orange) and Line B (blue) running through the city.

The buses and the metro use the same tickets so you can transfer from one to the other.
You have to purchase your tickets before you board any public transport in Rome.
Tickets can be purchased from tobacconists, bars, or vending machines at metro stations and major bus stops.
There are several types of tickets available:
BIT: Standard ticket: Euro 1,50. It is valid for 100 minutes after validation. Only 1 metro or train journey is permitted.
BIG: Daily ticket: Euro 6,00. Valid for unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome.
BTI: 3 days tourist ticket: Euro 16,50. Valid for everything listed under the B.I.G ticket.
CIS: Weekly ticket: Euro 24,50.
Further information may be found on the website www.atac.roma.it
To save time and money, you can choose the ROMA PASS: the cultural –tourist card of the Capital and its Province, offering discounts and services that make it easier and cheaper to enjoy the sites of Rome. Roma Pass includes free transportation for three days and free admission for two museums or sites. After the first two uses, Roma Pass gives the holder a reduced admission price at other museums and sites, exhibitions, and events. The cost is Euro 30,00. Roma Pass can be purchased at Tourist Information Points in Rome including the train station and Fiumincino Airport, tobacconists. Roma Pass can also be purchased directly from the museum or site ticket windows.
Note that most museums are generally closed on Mondays (with the exception of the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla). Almost all the museums are normally closed on December 25th, January 1st and May 1st too. We advise you to check in advance.
For more information: http://www.romapass.it

The train is a great way of seeing Italy with a network of inter-city and regional, plus urban services.
The main train stations in Rome are "Termini" and "Tiburtina". Italy's train service is mainly run by Trenitalia with a number of different trains:
Local trains: for regional transport
National trains: local connections to italian towns and cities with the Intercity (IC) trains, night connections along the country's main axes with the night trains, and fast connections with Eurostar Italia Trains (ES).For more information: www.fsitaliane.it
High speed trains: "Frecciarossa" by Trenitalia and "Italo" by N.T.V. are the high-speed trains, Treno Alta Velocità. The trains link the main cities in Italy. For more information: www.trenitalia.com / www.italotreno.it
Tickets can be purchased on line or directly in the main train stations: Termini , Tiburtina , Ostiense , Trastevere.
For more information: Freccia trains: www.trenitalia.com / Italo train: www.italotreno.it



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