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Summer nights on Tiber Island

DSC03991Summer nights on Tiber Island

Tiber Island has always been surrounded by mystery and legend. The island is a little bit longer than 300 meters and large nearly 90 meters, connected to the Tiber banks by two bridges: the Cestio bridge from the west and the Fabricio bridge from the east.
Tiber Island is boat-shaped and its peculiar form spread the legend that the island rises today in place of a submerged vessel.

Nowadays the Island keeps its original timeless charm and represents one of the most enchanting place in Rome. During summer nights Tiber Island becomes the stage of the Cinema Island, one of the most attained cultural and artistic exhibition during summer, with outdoor projections of the most successful Italian and international movies of the film season.

The island hosts several bars, clubs and restaurants where it's possible to spend a night of relax and entertainment, enjoying something to drink in company and listening to the waters of the Tiber flowing softly under the bridges.

Walking on Tiber Island you can admire the Baroque belfry of Saint Giovanni Calibita Church and discover fascinating alleys and small squares that offer a view you won't get anywhere else in Europe.
Don't miss to take a walk through the stalls of Tiber Island! There you will find vintage accessories, fashion jewelries, clothes, handicrafts, art pieces and much more.

You can reach Tiber Island from Termini Station by taking bus “H” to P.za Monte Savello stop.

Have fun!


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